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Purging the Cache for the StackPath CDN

​This tutorial shows StackPath SecureCDN users how to purge the CDN cache for a given site. With one click, all content can be purged on a site or individual files can also be singled out and purged selectively.

This article assumes a site has already been created.


  1.  Select Sites in the left-hand menu bar:

    Control panel navigation 

  2. Click the + icon next to the Site Name to display the sites.

  3. For the site you want to purge the cache for, click Manage.

  4. Select Manage Cache in the dropdown menu:

    Site settings navigation

A page with three purging options will appear: Purge Individual Files, Purge All Files, and Quick Purge.


Individual File

To purge an individual file, enter the file path in the box under Purge Individual Files:

Purge individual files

Then click Purge.

Multiple Files

To purge multiple files, click the + symbol in the box under Purge Individual Files:

Purge multiple files

Add files, then click Purge.

All Files

To purge every file from the site's cache, click Purge All in the box under Purge All Files:

Purge all files

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