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Verifying the StackPath CDN is Setup Correctly

After integrating the StackPath SecureCDN with a CMS integration plugin or custom approach, it's important to check that files are being delivered from StackPath's global network. 

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open a web page of yours with static assets set to be delivered by StackPath CDN.

    This can be your home page.

  2. Right click on the page and select View Page Source from the browser's options menu.

  3. Open the browser's search bar.

    If you're using a Mac, open the search bar by pressing Command + F.

  4. Enter the StackPath CDN URL in the search bar.

    Depending on the amount of static assets on the page, the browser should highlight many different areas in the page's source code.

  5. View the highlighted portions of the page's source code.

    Make sure your CDN URL precedes the name of the static files you want delivered by StackPath CDN.

If you see your regular domain in front of static files you want delivered by the StackPath CDN, the integration is not successful. If this is the case, please review the tutorial you used to integrate StackPath CDN or contact StackPath support 24/7.

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