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XenForo: StackPath CDN Setup Guide

This tutorial assumes you have already created a Site.

  1. Connect to your ftp account.

  2. Navigate to folder library

  3. Edit file config.php and add below two lines:

    $config ['externalDataUrl'] = '';
    $config ['javaScriptUrl'] = '';
  4. Login to your XenForo admin area.

  5. Navigate to Style -> General -> Settings.

  6. Under field Path to images replace existing content (/styles/default) with following:

  7. Click on Update Style Properties to apply your settings.

  8. All Done!

To ensure you implemented the StackPath Secure Content Delivery(SCD) correctly, you can view the source code of any page to confirm that the SCD domain is being used for static assets instead of your origin domain. You can also use tools like pingdom and webpagetest that can give you more detailed reports on your SCD implementation status.

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