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vBulletin with Replacement Variable: StackPath CDN Setup Guide

This tutorial assumes you have already created a site. is an example domain, which you should replace with the one you were provided with when site was created.

vBulletin SecureCDN Integration with Replacement Variable

      1. Set up your Site by following these directions. (Make sure your origin URL points to the directory where vBulletin is installed.)
      2. Log into your vBulletin admin control panel.
      3. Navigate to Styles & TemplatesReplacement Variable Manager

        vBulletin styles and templates

      4. Click on Add New Replacement Variable next to your preferred style
      5. Create a new replacement variable for each item in following table following example on screen shot:

        vBulletin replacement variable manager

      6.  Eventually, the replacement variables list should look like the following:
        vBulletin replacement variables list

Your vBulletin is now fully using the StackPath SecureCDN.

To ensure you implemented the StackPath SCDN correctly, you can view the source code of any page to confirm that the CDN URL is being used for static assets instead of your origin domain. For step by step instructions click here.

You can also use tools like pingdom, gtmetrix, webpagetest that provide more detailed reports on your CDN implementation status.

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