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How to Add, Remove, or Update a Payment Method

This article will walk a user through how to add, remove, or update payment details through the StackPath Control Panel.

For security reasons, only the Account Owner has permissions to update payment methods.

Add a Payment Method

  1. Log into the StackPath Control Panel.
  2. Go to Account → Settings.
  3. Click on the + Add Payment Method icon on the top right of the Account Settings Page
  4. You will be redirected to a new page where there are two types of payment methods to choose from: (a) PayPal or (b) Credit Card.
  5. Choose one of the options and the CONTINUE button on the bottom right will be clickableAdd payment method

Remove a Payment Method

The system will not allow you to delete the last and only remaining Payment Method.  You would always need to have at least one Payment Method on file.

  1. Log into the StackPath Control Panel
  2. Go to Account → Settings
  3. Click on the specific payment method that you want to remove
  4. Take note that you have the option to have multiple Credit Cards or multiple PayPal accounts inside the Account Settings page
  5. Once you are sure of the specific Payment Method that you want to remove and have chosen it, click on the garbage icon
  6. A popup confirmation will appear and just click on CONTINUERemove payment method

Update a Payment Method

In the Account Settings page, the default payment method that will be automatically charged for recurring invoices. If there are multiple payment methods on file, you can change the default by clicking the radio button next to the new method. This change takes effect for the next billing cycle.

  1. Log into the StackPath Control Panel.
  2. Go to Account → Settings.
  3. Once inside the Account Settings page, there are three options to update your payment method:
    1. Add Payment Method
    2. Remove Payment Method
    3. Edit Information on Selected Payment Method

Update payment method

If you change your default payment method and need to instructions on how to change the default billing address, please view this article: How to Update the Default Billing Address

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