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How to Create a Site for Static Content Delivery

A Static Site is optimized for delivery of your Website's static content such as Java Scripts, CSS, Images or downloadable content such as PDF, Audio and Video Files.

This type of Site accelerates static content by caching and delivering from the closest available location to the end users.

If you are interested in routing your entire site traffic through StackPath's SecureCDN Please check our article on How to Create a Site for Full-Site Content Delivery.  

Static Site Caching Explained

Delivery of cach-able content with static sites occurs in two steps: 

1) The initial request for the content results in a call from StackPath's SecureCDN to the Origin server and passes the requested content to the end user while caching the content on CDN Edge servers. We call this initial request a Cache-Miss request.


2) Once the content was cached, the following requests for the same file will be served from CDN cache directly. We call these type of requests Cache-Hit.

Cache-Hit request

Please Note that the Dynamically generated contents via server side scripts such as PHP, Python will flow out side of StackPath network when using Static Site for content delivery.

How to Create a site for Static Content Delivery

1) Log into the StackPath Control Panel.

StackPath control panel

2) Near the top right side of the page, select + CREATE NEW SITE.

StackPath control panel


3) Click Select for "Assets Only" Option and then Next.

StackPath control panel

3) In the next page under Site Details you will find three blank fields.

StackPath control panel

4) Name your Site. Make sure that the name length totals less than ten letters, and is in all lowercase letters.

5) For Origin Server URL, enter the root domain name that you wish to implement the CDN on.

Please note that if in browser your web site automatically redirects to, then you should add the “www” to the origin URL.

6) In the Label field, you can choose to input an optional description of your site.

7) Click the Create button and we’ll provision your Site.

Please note that this could take up to three minutes.

Once provisioning is completed, you will be redirected to the new Site Summary page. You can then manage your Site using the options available in the left navigation menu. To learn more about these options please click here

StackPath control panel


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