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How to Create a Site for Full-Site Content Delivery

This article will help guide a new StackPath user through the Full-Site creation process.

Full-Site Content Delivery is optimized for delivery of your website's static content such as Java Scripts, CSS, Images, PDF, Audio, Video Files and dynamic content via server side scripts such as PHP, Python, and more.

This type of Site will both accelerate static content by caching/delivering from the closest available location to end users as well as accelerating dynamic content by channeling these requests through StackPath’s optimized network back to the origin server. This process skips most last mile ISPs and eliminates potential network congestion. It’s like taking a freeway rather than small streets with slower speed limits.

This article is intended for Web Experts and curious Web Enthusiasts as it involves more steps in preparation and post-implementation. For a more simple and streamlined process, please check our article on How to Create a Site for Static Content Delivery.

In this article the Static content icon represents static content and the Dynamic content icon represents dynamic content

Delivery of Cache-able content with Full-Site happens in two steps:

Step One: Cache-Miss Request

The initial request for content by end users results in a call from Stackpath's SecureCDN to the Origin server. The Origin server passes the requested content to the end user while caching the content on our CDN Edge servers. We call this initial request a Cache-Miss request.


Step Two: Cache-Hits

Once the content is cached, the subsequent user requests for the same static cached files will be served from CDN cache directly. We call these type of requests Cache-Hit.

Cache-Hit request

Site Creation Process

1) Log into the StackPath Control Panel.

StackPath control panel

2) Near the top right side of the screen, select the blue button that says + CREATE NEW SITE. 

StackPath control panel

4) Under Secure CDN click SELECT for Entire Website to run your entire website through our Secure CDN and Click NEXT.

StackPath control panel

5) Type in the websites domain name in Domain field and click NEXT.

StackPath control panel

6) In the Final Details page confirm the information shown is correct. 

If your Custom Host Header on Origin Server is different from the one shown in this page. Please modify it now.

If your Origin Server is configured to respond on HTTPS please change the Origin protocol to HTTPS.

If you wish StackPath to pull your content from a domain other than your Website Address; for example or another IP address please modify "Web Server IP Address or a DNS CNAME" 

You can also enable the WAF (Web Application Firewall) by switching it ON from this page and selecting the closest physical location. If you are not confident at this time, you can leave it OFF. You will have the option to turn it on after your Site is configured.

StackPath control panel

If you have tried to create this Site previously, the Name field might populate with the old name.

The Name needs to be unique, please change the name to something else or simply add a number to the end of pre-populated name.

7) Your site is now created and the last thing to do is to configure your DNS as instructed in this page.

If you are actively using an SSL certificate on your website, to avoid any interruptions in your HTTPS traffic we recommend you to first, configure your SSL by clicking on "Configure SSL" and then Switch the DNS .

Configure DNS for StackPath Secure Content Delivery

Please Click Here to learn how to configure DNS to begin sending traffic through the StackPath Secure CDN. 

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