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How to upload SSL certificates to StackPath

The purpose of this article is to show how a StackPath SecureCDN customer can upload a SSL certificate to the platform.

  1. Log into the StackPath Control Panel click on the Account menu item from the left menu 
    StackPath Account control panel
  2. Click on the SSL menu item from the left menu.
    Access SSL menu
  3. Click on NEW CERTIFICATE in the lower right of the screen
    Access new SSL certificates
  4. Please enter the SSL Certificate details and select CREATE
    1. This field is not mandatory, it will auto-populate if its not defined.
    2. Here we need to paste in UNENCRYPTED public key, its file extension is usually .pub, you will recognize it by its first line like "-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----".
    3. Here we need to paste in UNENCRYPTED private key, it usually does not have file extension or has .pem, you will recognize it by the first line like "-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----" or "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----".
    4. Here we need to paste CA Bundle, this one should be provided by SSL provider, you will tell it apart from rest as it will have multiple  "-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----" values, 2-3 blocks of those usually, one could upload the certificate without this one but its not recommended as there might me some compatibility issues with some browsers.
    5. Click to upload!
    Input SSL certificate details


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