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How to Perform a Traceroute on Mac and Windows

This tutorial will show you how to perform a traceroute command on different operating systems including Mac OSX, Windows 8, and Windows 7. It will then show you how to save the traceroute output as a file.

How to Perform a Traceroute on Mac OS X

  • Launch Network Utility. You can do this through Mac OS X Spotlight by typing Network Utility and then clicking the Top Hit.
  • Click Traceroute.

    Traceroute on Mac OSX

  • Enter domain name for which you want to perform a traceroute (eg -
  • Click Trace.
  • Select and copy the results. Right-click and select Copy or press COMMAND+C to copy the text.
  • Paste the text into a text editor (TextEdit, etc.) and save the file.

How to Perform a Traceroute on Windows 8

    • Launch Command Prompt.
    • Click the Start button and select Search from the menu list.

      Windows 8 search tab

    • Select Apps and type Command in the search window.
    • Press Enter key. This should display the Command Prompt in the Search Results.

      Windows 8 command prompt

Type tracert command and the network address/domain for which you want run this diagnostic tool.

How to Perform a Traceroute on Windows 7

  • From the Start menu, search for Command or cmd.

    Windows 7 search tab

    Alternatively, you can press Windows Button + R key to bring up the “Run” window. Then input cmd and confirm with OK to get to the Command Prompt:

    Windows 7 run tab

  • When Command Prompt is open, input tracert and then the domain you would like to run a traceroute to (without http:// or https://)
  • After the command is executed, right-click anywhere in the Command Prompt and select Mark from the dropdown menu.

    Windows 7 command prompt

    After marking the desired content, press Enter to copy it to your clipboard. From there you can paste the traceroute output to a text file.

How to Store Traceroute Output as a File

After running most of the commands with or without the additional parameters in the console/terminal, the output can be stored to a file by adding > /location/file at the end of the command.

UNIX based systems:

traceroute > /tmp/traceroute.txt


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